Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Online Shopping

I'm quite unhappy with the state of Online Shopping for Servers.

On the 28th of last month I placed an order from Dell, Dell did not ship my order with the three day shipping I paid for, Infact they never shipped my order at all because of a 'Miss-Configuration' Somehow their online tool set the server up with a DC power supply, That wasnt even an option on the page!

So instead of calling me or emailing me they just sat on the damn order.

Fast forward 10 days, Where the fuck is the server?

We look online, Order is gone.

We Call Dell, They cant find the order, Claim it was never ordered.

Finally we got them to process the order or so we thought but once again the server got held up for a 'Miss-Configuration' This time it was because we had 3 disks in the server one 40 gig disk and two 80 gig disks and we specified we anted Raid 1. Most people would put the two matched disks in a raid 1 configuration, but noo not dell.

At this point we either had the option of starting over or going with another vendor, I chose to change vendors and went to CDW's site to spec out a IBM.

I found a nice IBM for about the same price as the Dell which fit our needs, Using their options page I ordered it with a Extra processor, 4 Gigs of extra ram, One 40 gig disk, Two 120 Gig disks, A RAID 1 controller for the disks and a 3 year warranty.

Monday I got a call from CDW saying that they were out of the RAM I ordered so they upgraded me to 2Gig dimms from 1 Gig dimms.
That was fine, It wasnt supposed to impact the shipping process at all.

Today I got another call from CDW, They said that the Disks I ordered were IDE and the Server was SCSI, Asking about the RAID controller I ordered it was IDE but they said it would not be compatible with the server as the server had SCSI Raid.

Also it turns out their ordering system allowed me to order 3 disks for the server when it only had 2 Drive bays.

So today we ended up switching to a HP from CDW with two 140 Gig Ultra 320 SCSI disks, a Built in RAID 1 controller and 5 Gigs of ram (It came with 1 Gig and we added our 4 from above to the order)

I hope we get the server by Friday, I need to have it received by then for Billing reasons.

Monday, June 21, 2004


This article http://www.salon.com/tech/feature/2004/06/22/dark_room/ makes me want to learn photography now, I've never done much with a camera, I have three or four cheap Digital cameras that produce poor quality pictures if they produce at all, Film sounds damn cool right now.

Scout Update

Well the fuel pump worked for as long as I could run the scout when we tested it.

Unfortunately now the starter has failed.

There is a loud CLUNK when the key is turned which indicates the Bendix is being moved into position but there does not appear to be any power being applied to the starter itself.

Tucson Alternator has 6 Starters that are compatible with my Scout so I'll be getting one from them and installing it this weekend.



Thanks to Tim I now have a Gmail account to call my own.

It's damn spiffy!