Friday, January 07, 2005

Moving up in the building

Today I made a serious effort to get moved out of my office in the lower level and into my new corner of the IT room.

With the help of Jimmy I now have network connectivity to both the inside and outside networks.

Eric and Mike were nice as well and I netted a replacement PC and a new eMac, I hear there is also a G5 iMac and a new flat panel in the works for me.

I like working in the IT department sofar!

Also today I attended a goodbye kind of lunch that the former VP above Online held, It was at Micha's which was decent food, Not the best food around in my opinion but still nice. It was a little strange since not only is the Online department its own stand alone department now instead of being under Marketing I have also left the department with my reporting to IT starting Monday.


anole:~$ screen -x
Suddenly the Dungeon collapses!! - You die…

Yay for screen.

I just learned it has a 'nethack' mode where if you go into command mode and do a nethack on there are other amusing messages.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Ow, I fell just after finishing with dinner tonight.

I was sitting crosslegged on the floor infront of a small table where I was eating, I got up and evidently didnt notice my foot/leg was asleep and over I went.

I think I either sprained or broke part of my foot, it hurts quite a lot.

Good news is that I missed hitting the Bed, Table, TV and Tivo on the way down.

Time for some pain killers and bed.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I'm trying to remember what all I did at work today.

Swapped out the two tape drives on Algol that stopped working with the last spare drive from the Annex, It's only a DLT4000 instead of the DLT7000 I was using so none of my existing tapes are readable.

I ran a cleaning tape through it before I put it into service in the hopes that it will work.

The drive also seems dog slow, I've been dumping a file to it since early this afternoon and its still not done.

Oh, I also finished up the TNI Intranet server, Moved some MySQL data around via the wonderful phpmyadmin, I love that tool.

Compiled RRDtool on the new intranet server so Cacti will be able to produce its graphs of all the switches in the building.

Did a followup check on the new citizenmail server to make sure I actually finished it.

Moved a box of books from my office to my new desk (And hurt my back in the process, Note to self don't fill boxes with books, they get heavy!) and took down some awards in my office I wont have room for.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Found another neat site today: digg

Digg feels like a cross between Slashdot and Metafilter, I'm currently reading through the archive of past stories for neat articles.

Lunch with Louis

I had a nice lunch today with my friend Louis,

Louis came by to pick up a pair of SPUD brackets and a 2 gig SCSI drive for the Sun Ultra 1 that he is attempting to put Debian Linux on.

We drove over to El Gorrion and had the #4 plate which I love so much.

Funny thing is that we ran into part of my normal lunch group (Rob, Kerry and Tim) also having lunch at El Gorrion.

After lunch Louis drove back to TNI a different route than the one I had planned to show me a restaurant that he recommended that I try from when he worked in the area.

When we returned to TNI I gave Louis what was supposed to be a short tour but it ended up being half an hour long as I showed the two levels of the press and related folders inserters and binders.

I have decided to once again attempt to use web-based bookmarks to keep track of bookmarks I use on multiple computers.

I have in the past tried Furl and SiteBar, I hope that works well.

You can see my current bookmarks via the attached link.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy Newyear

So far my newyears resolution is to attempt to blog more.

I will start with the New Years eve party that I went to.

It was hosted at Chris's house, Not a lot of people I knew showed up but that was OK, it was a pretty small gathering and I felt privileged to be invited.

Jimmy and Rich were there along with their wives, Chris's brother showed up with his wife, Shannon's mother was there and there were three pairs of couples who's names I can no longer remember.

It was a lot of fun, There were a couple delays with the food due to overloading the grill I think but that was OK.

Played some gamecube, Set off some fireworks and had a great time.

I made sure I hadn't drank any alcohol in the hours before I left for home and I made it home without any problems except for my fingers got damn cold due to the lack of heat in my borrowed car.