Friday, August 07, 2009

My Weakness

I think after nearly 30 years on Earth I have figured out what my major Weakness is.

It's been something I've struggled with for years, and its become more and more apparent over time.

Paper. Yes, Paper is my downfall. There is too much of it in my life, Its all over the house.

The only room that doesn't have a stack of papers waiting to be filed is the bathroom I think.

I've never been good with it, I never know what to keep and what to trash so I end up keeping nearly all of it.

If I could get rid of all of the paper in my house it'd be so much cleaner!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

August Ride

We met up at the El Con Starbucks at Broadway and Randolph Way. We then rode east to Old Spanish trail and followed it out to Vail then came back through Rita Ranch. 

This was the first ride on my Stella, What was Awesome is Julie was there with Her Stella and it was also her first ride with her Stella.

This also marks one of the first rides I've been on where I have the same size engine as everyone else, It was nice not being the turtle!

My Stella ran great, I do admit to stalling it out once or twice while we were riding by not giving it enough gas or letting the clutch out quick enough. I think Julie may have stalled hers a couple time too.