Saturday, October 22, 2005

Stuffit 10 Rocks!

So are games getting larger or is my iBook getting slower?

Pluto Immortal

365 Tomorrows has a short story every day about the future, I recently started to read it and this is one I really like.

Pluto Immortal: "Marcus wiped blood from his chin. The thick red fluid stuck to his fingers. He stood slowly, pushing himself up off the ground with all the dignity he could muster as his foe stood proud and arrogant. Marcus’ feet were pressed into the soft Mars soil as he readied himself again. “You fool!” Marcus screamed out across the yards between him and his adversary. “You do not comprehend how much more precious is my life than yours! I am Mars-born!” Gaither kept his eyes on his quarry and turned his attention inward for a moment. Focus the rage. Do this professionally. It’s a high-profile case; lots of media attention. Don’t give them any reason to cry brutality. His fist ached from cracking into the Red Planet monster’s jaw. He shook it off and pushed the pain back down, eyes boiling with a deluvian hatred that conquered all other emotion. He knew that if he didn’t kill him today, Marcus would go on living for another four hundred years. All of the Mars-born did- at least the ones who could escape Marcus’ knife. This time, however, Gaither had to stop him. Ninety-seven murders, eighteen rapes, and so many robberies that NASA police were still piecing it all together; Marcus had outdone every other criminal in extra-Earth territory. It stopped here. The fiend spat blood, shaking off the solid hit that ja"

Geek to Live: The Usable Home

Interesting article at lifehacker about designing a functional space.

Geek to Live: The Usable Home: " by Gina Trapani As a computer programmer in a new apartment, I've taken the same approach to setting up my home as I would developing a software application: with a focus on usability. Like any good software package, my home should be a tool that helps me get things done, a space that's a pleasure to be in and a launch pad for daily tasks as well as my life goals. Whether the task at hand is to relax after work, phone a family member, or keep track of a dry cleaning receipt, there are lots of simple ways to create a living space that makes getting things done a breeze. I'm no home organization expert, but here are a few tips I've gleaned over time that can help make your house a Usable Home. Create space for incoming stuff Every day you walk into the house with your hands full of mail, pockets full of change and a cell phone that needs recharging. Instead of dumping that pile of bills onto the coffee table, scattering a mess of pennies and dimes on your dresser and tossing the phone onto a table, create useful places to drop off stuff without having to think. Say, a large change jar that goes to Coinstar every few months, an indoor mailbox for you and your housemates, and a phone-charging center with an easily-accessible plug. Fact is, after a long day at work, you don't"


I slept better last night than I did the night before, didn't wake up in the middle of the night with my heart beating like I'd just run up a couple flights of stairs.

Took my pill with breakfast like I'm supposed to.

Even remembered to brush my teeth which is something I'm bad about forgetting on weekends after meals.

As planned I went on my first bike ride today after airing up the tires on the bike, Its a lot harder than it looks.

I made it up Condor to Lanuire??? I think but I was too winded and my heart was pounding in my chest to make it any further than that so I rested for a minute and turned around and came back home.

Had to lay down next to my Hepa filter for about 10 minutes before I could breath enough and my heart had slowed down to normal.

Friday, October 21, 2005

This Morning

This is day two on Prednisone.

Last night was interesting, as listed I ended up quite thirsty, had to then use the bathroom a lot because of everything I drank, I didn't suffer from any insomnia or anything but I did wake up at one point with a super fast heart beet.

Good news is today my chest pain is much less than what it was all the other days of this week, Its still there but its a lot less.