Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mount Lemmon Ride

Went on a nice ride with The Sky Island Riders up Mt Lemmon, It was really cool as it turned into a Four Club ride with GGR, The Sky Island Riders, The Club in Phoenix and the club in Green Valley showing up.

We met up at Le Buzz Cafe on Tanque Verde and headed up the mountain, I rode my Riva 125.

We had 24 riders show up for the event.

My Riva 125 wasn't running so well, The 4th of july trip I had a problem with fuel filter clogging and the bike had been consuming a little bit of Oil, This trip turned out to be the last for the bike as I suffered ring failure on the way back from the ride. However it was still a great time and it was quite the adventure. At one point going down the mountain Craig from GGR gave me a push to get me some help going up one of the inclines. The bike did make it all the way down to the Hooters on Wilmot. It was crazy, I got cheering when I showed up at the 1/2 way point going up the mountain and again at the top. Despite leaving with everyone else I was a good 10-15 minutes behind them due to the bike loosing compression.

The Riva will run again however! I should have no problem rebuilding it with Seans help.