Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Better day today

No Chest pain that I can recall, My head feels more together now that I'm off the medication.

Free lunch, Burgers & Chips for the Advertising open house.

Got MySQL replication working on the DR Server.

Still no luck with DBD::mysql tho.

Went to the river office on the way home to look at the ethernet in their conference room, Didnt find any problems so I spent some time showing one of the people there that yes it works and then gave him info on how to use the WIFI access point we have there as well.

The escort is acting up, I need to check the plugs and filters this weekend, could be the fuel or air filter maybe.

And with that I'm going to bed , Gotta go to the allergist tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

'Fun' day

More chest pain, Chest pain in the morning on the way to work, Chest pain at work, Chest pain at lunch, Chest pain when leaving work, Yay!

Worked on a couple things at work today, rebuilding the Disaster Recovery server on the drive that had the corrupt fileystem, Got 10.3.9 installed, all the patches and the new XCode.

Turns out we've been installing XCode 1.2 from CD when there's a download of XCode 1.5 and a update to it.

Still no luck compiling DBD::mysql with the new XCode, I have no idea why it is failing and it is quite frustrating.

I did get zziplib compiled and php zip support working I think.

Had to enable .htaccess support and register_globals for php on a virtual host today for the redesign work.

Called apple about the trouble I'm having getting SSL to work on my mail servers, Fat lot of good that did, What's the use of Applecare Premuim support if they wont help you when you have a problem? I mean this is stuff right out of the OS X Server manual and its not freaking working!!!

Spent most of my time on the phone with applecare registering the server and figuring out which plan went with which server, I created a spreadsheet for it so I can keep things straight in the future.

I also registered the rest of the XServes as the apple guy mentioned they were running out of time to be registered, tomorrow I need to remember to register the XRAID.

I'll also be working on getting MySQL Replication going on the DR server so I have the databases live on it, Cant recall how I did that last time but google is my friend.

Speaking of google, I had a friend call me on my work phone today to google something for him because he was driving! What a dork, He was going out to get a pizza but got the address wrong. Dont we have something called 411 for that?

Chest pain again last night (Twice!)

Had more chest pain last night, I tried to use my new inhaler for one of them but it didnt seem to do anything.

Right now my chest is a little bit tight.

Just had a some oatmeal for breakfast, I'll take my last pill in just a bit.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Chest pain again.

Maybe its food related, I just realized that both tonight and last night I ate a corn dog kinda late, after my normal meal times.

I'll have to see what I can do to determine this.

Anyway onto the day,

I woke up with a little bit of chest pain, not a whole lot of it however.

Had a breakfast of the 'Tortilla De Patatas' which I've linked this post to.

I modified the instructions slightly, Used frozen potato gratings (hash browns I guess) instead of fresh cut potatoes and I added in some sausage I had and then sprinkled on some cheese, Turned out OK but I dunno if I'll add the meat again.

I didn't get a lot done before work, Not sure if I really did anything but check mail and read webcomics thinking back on the morning.

Today wasn't all that great at work, I forgot to bring my lunch so I had to eat out with some former co-workers.

We went to Eegees, I got the meatball sub thinking Rob always gets one so it must be good... Boy was I wrong, Rob gets the meatball sub at Subway not at Egees and the meatabll sub at Eegees sucks.

Most of the help desk staff was gone or in training today so that left me manning the help desk phones, that always distracts me and makes it harder to get my own tasks done.

Had to replace a disk that had failed in a server today, made a backup of the disk with the semi corrupt filesystem in another server and started the format process of that disk in the hopes that I can use it again after a fresh OS install.

Lets see.. Tomorrow I need to remember to check the fluid levels in the car and go for another bike ride, I was bad and didn't go today or yesterday and I wont be loosing any weight if I keep putting it off!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cheast pain


Maybe its being caused by the carpet cleaning spay we used to clean up cat barf.

Quick update before I sleep

I've been up since 4AM due to having to go into work.

Had two slices of toast, bottle of OJ and a fried egg with cheese for breakfast when I got up.

I'm a little early taking my pill but I'm tired and want to get some more sleep in, I should have gone to bed earlier last night but I didn't.

Last week when I did this I went to bed real early Saturday and pulled a 20 hour day Sunday, don't think I'm gonna be doing that today tho.

The escort drove OK which is good, the power steering is much better after tightening the belts.

Power change at work wasn't the big deal it was supposed to be, the data center never lost power and the auxiliary rooms that did were not without power long enough for their UPS systems to die.

I swapped a server out while I was there, pulled the system foam the DR rack and put it in the Production rack so I can work on re-building a new DR system on the failed production machine from last week.

I wanted to switch the network ports for the VPN concentrator so it'd be on a full duplex port but by the time I was ready to make the change it had already started to see use from the remote sites so I'll have to try to do it some other time.

Anyway, I'm going to lay down now and try to get some sleep, I'll go for a bike ride when I get back up again.