Sunday, October 23, 2005

Quick update before I sleep

I've been up since 4AM due to having to go into work.

Had two slices of toast, bottle of OJ and a fried egg with cheese for breakfast when I got up.

I'm a little early taking my pill but I'm tired and want to get some more sleep in, I should have gone to bed earlier last night but I didn't.

Last week when I did this I went to bed real early Saturday and pulled a 20 hour day Sunday, don't think I'm gonna be doing that today tho.

The escort drove OK which is good, the power steering is much better after tightening the belts.

Power change at work wasn't the big deal it was supposed to be, the data center never lost power and the auxiliary rooms that did were not without power long enough for their UPS systems to die.

I swapped a server out while I was there, pulled the system foam the DR rack and put it in the Production rack so I can work on re-building a new DR system on the failed production machine from last week.

I wanted to switch the network ports for the VPN concentrator so it'd be on a full duplex port but by the time I was ready to make the change it had already started to see use from the remote sites so I'll have to try to do it some other time.

Anyway, I'm going to lay down now and try to get some sleep, I'll go for a bike ride when I get back up again.

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