Monday, October 24, 2005

Chest pain again.

Maybe its food related, I just realized that both tonight and last night I ate a corn dog kinda late, after my normal meal times.

I'll have to see what I can do to determine this.

Anyway onto the day,

I woke up with a little bit of chest pain, not a whole lot of it however.

Had a breakfast of the 'Tortilla De Patatas' which I've linked this post to.

I modified the instructions slightly, Used frozen potato gratings (hash browns I guess) instead of fresh cut potatoes and I added in some sausage I had and then sprinkled on some cheese, Turned out OK but I dunno if I'll add the meat again.

I didn't get a lot done before work, Not sure if I really did anything but check mail and read webcomics thinking back on the morning.

Today wasn't all that great at work, I forgot to bring my lunch so I had to eat out with some former co-workers.

We went to Eegees, I got the meatball sub thinking Rob always gets one so it must be good... Boy was I wrong, Rob gets the meatball sub at Subway not at Egees and the meatabll sub at Eegees sucks.

Most of the help desk staff was gone or in training today so that left me manning the help desk phones, that always distracts me and makes it harder to get my own tasks done.

Had to replace a disk that had failed in a server today, made a backup of the disk with the semi corrupt filesystem in another server and started the format process of that disk in the hopes that I can use it again after a fresh OS install.

Lets see.. Tomorrow I need to remember to check the fluid levels in the car and go for another bike ride, I was bad and didn't go today or yesterday and I wont be loosing any weight if I keep putting it off!

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