Thursday, August 05, 2004

Scam or Stuff?

Today I found a link to and I thought in the name of Science I'd try it out.

Currently I've found 7 people to help me out, I still need a 8th.

I picked the Ebay signup as my offer to do as it's free and doesnt even need a Credit Card which isnt true about the other offers.

I'll update with details as things progress, They claim it'll be 5 days or so before the Ebay signup registers.

Hacking Tivo

Tonight I hacked my friends Tivo.

We replaced the 14 gig disk in his Series 1 with a 40 gig disk.

The Tivo is much faster now with its 7200RPM disk and he appreciated the additional 24 hours the upgrade gained him.

We also installed some of the hacks for a series 1, He doesnt have a Ethernet card yet so we hope that everything will be OK.