Sunday, July 05, 2009

Yesterday I went with Sean on a 140+ mile Scooter ride along with a number of crazy bastards from one of our scooter groups.

We rode down to Patagonia Arizona to see a parade and a hanging, Saw the parade but the hanging was taking too long so we left part way through.

I rode my 1987 Yamaha Riva 125, We finished re-assembling the bike Thursday night about 10PM and put some miles on it Friday to test but nothing near the mileage we did on the trip.

The bike runs fairly well and is a nice upgrade from my 1997 Honda Elite 80, The extra 45cc allows the bike to do 50-55mph flat, 65 downhill and in the 40's uphills.

I consumed three fuel filters during the trip and about half a quart of oil due to the bad valve stem seals and the rusty tank. Both will be addressed in the near future.

Sadly even with the bigger bike this ride I still had the smallest bike on the ride with the 125cc. There were two 150's, Sean's 180, a couple 200's and 250's, a 400 and a Harley 850. (The only non scooter on the trip).

As one friend remarked I look like a gorilla on a tricycle, But hey its a bigger bike than the Elite 80 so its a little less out of proportion.