Tuesday, October 25, 2005

'Fun' day

More chest pain, Chest pain in the morning on the way to work, Chest pain at work, Chest pain at lunch, Chest pain when leaving work, Yay!

Worked on a couple things at work today, rebuilding the Disaster Recovery server on the drive that had the corrupt fileystem, Got 10.3.9 installed, all the patches and the new XCode.

Turns out we've been installing XCode 1.2 from CD when there's a download of XCode 1.5 and a update to it.

Still no luck compiling DBD::mysql with the new XCode, I have no idea why it is failing and it is quite frustrating.

I did get zziplib compiled and php zip support working I think.

Had to enable .htaccess support and register_globals for php on a virtual host today for the redesign work.

Called apple about the trouble I'm having getting SSL to work on my mail servers, Fat lot of good that did, What's the use of Applecare Premuim support if they wont help you when you have a problem? I mean this is stuff right out of the OS X Server manual and its not freaking working!!!

Spent most of my time on the phone with applecare registering the server and figuring out which plan went with which server, I created a spreadsheet for it so I can keep things straight in the future.

I also registered the rest of the XServes as the apple guy mentioned they were running out of time to be registered, tomorrow I need to remember to register the XRAID.

I'll also be working on getting MySQL Replication going on the DR server so I have the databases live on it, Cant recall how I did that last time but google is my friend.

Speaking of google, I had a friend call me on my work phone today to google something for him because he was driving! What a dork, He was going out to get a pizza but got the address wrong. Dont we have something called 411 for that?

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