Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy Newyear

So far my newyears resolution is to attempt to blog more.

I will start with the New Years eve party that I went to.

It was hosted at Chris's house, Not a lot of people I knew showed up but that was OK, it was a pretty small gathering and I felt privileged to be invited.

Jimmy and Rich were there along with their wives, Chris's brother showed up with his wife, Shannon's mother was there and there were three pairs of couples who's names I can no longer remember.

It was a lot of fun, There were a couple delays with the food due to overloading the grill I think but that was OK.

Played some gamecube, Set off some fireworks and had a great time.

I made sure I hadn't drank any alcohol in the hours before I left for home and I made it home without any problems except for my fingers got damn cold due to the lack of heat in my borrowed car.

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