Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I'm trying to remember what all I did at work today.

Swapped out the two tape drives on Algol that stopped working with the last spare drive from the Annex, It's only a DLT4000 instead of the DLT7000 I was using so none of my existing tapes are readable.

I ran a cleaning tape through it before I put it into service in the hopes that it will work.

The drive also seems dog slow, I've been dumping a file to it since early this afternoon and its still not done.

Oh, I also finished up the TNI Intranet server, Moved some MySQL data around via the wonderful phpmyadmin, I love that tool.

Compiled RRDtool on the new intranet server so Cacti will be able to produce its graphs of all the switches in the building.

Did a followup check on the new citizenmail server to make sure I actually finished it.

Moved a box of books from my office to my new desk (And hurt my back in the process, Note to self don't fill boxes with books, they get heavy!) and took down some awards in my office I wont have room for.

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