Wednesday, June 09, 2004


I recently left the USA for the first time in my life.

It was a short trip, Just a drive down to Nogales Mexico for lunch, Total trip was just over 3 hours long.

We went to celebrate a bonus my boss got, He treated the entire department to the best Mexican food I've ever had (Wow I should go to Mexico more often!).

Pretty cool, We rented some big SUV thing with three rows of seating yet it still wasnt big enough for the 10 people we had total so we also had a party in Christina's small car.

Leaving the country was easy, just a step through the turnstyle and there I was in another actual country!

Now this was a big step for me as I've only left the state of Arizona one other time since we moved here in 1988.

The restaurant was really cool, A place called La Roca which was partially inside a cave in the side of a big hill.

After we ate we wandered around the Mexico side of Nogales for a while looking for a store to buy some stuff in, That's when I got to see the worse side of life there: little kids begging you to buy their candy/plastic toys, People in wheelchairs and on crutches missing limbs selling things as they moved from car to car at the vehicle entrance to the border.

I now wish to learn spanish as only Jeff and Dora could really understand what people were offering us and what was on the menu in the restaurant and I really want to go back to Mexico again.

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