Thursday, August 26, 2004

GNU screen

screen has to be one of the most usefull tools in my sysadmin arsonal.

It lets me move terminals from work to home, from home to work.
It lets me run jobs overnight without worring about them not completing
It lets me not worry about my desktop crashing and taking out whatever I was doing on the servers.

Today I wrote a new .screenrc and I think I'll share it with the world.

#make scrollback work in terminals
termcapinfo xterm*|rxvt* 'ti@:te@'
#use my .bashrc and .bash_profile
shell -$SHELL
#kill the nag
startup_message off
defscrollback 1024
#status line
caption always "%{.bW}%-w%{.rW}%n %t%{-}%+w %=%{..G} %l %{..Y} %m/%d %C%a "
# remap w to the selectable list
bind 'w' windowlist -b
bind 'W' windows

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