Friday, September 10, 2004

Tylers Birthday

Today we celebrated Tylers Birthday.

First we went to El Greco's Grecian Gardens.

Nice place, Run by a family I guess, They knew Gus.

In attendance were Tyler, A woman who's name I can not remember, Matt, Matt's brother, Gus, Alex, Jon Shay, Steph Shay, Madison Shay, and briefly Jack. Oh and myself.

I'm not sure how the food was, I only had a small salad which I couldn't finish, It didn't agree with me.

The dish with the fried cheese was really good however.

Next we went to the Fox and Hound.

At the Fox and Hound we had Tyler, Alex, The woman who's name I can not remember, and Myself initially.

We ran into a Co-worker Amy, I hope she doesn't feel offended or anything by the way we acted, It was nice seeing her but I had no clue what to say or talk about.

Oh and I also introduced Alex as Gus which seemed to piss him off a lot, Sorry Alex!

We got a pool table finally and started playing, initially it was Tyler vs Alex, Alex one.

Next up was the woman who's name I can not remember vs Myself.

We were evenly matched, Both doing really poorly.

Still it was fun, She won.

At this point in time the Grossman brothers, Gus, and a guy from Login named Ryan showed up.

Next up was Gus vs Ryan from Login.

I'm afraid I don't know the outcome of the game as I had to go home at this point in time as the smoke in the Fox and Hound made me very sick :(

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