Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy Day

Today was a long day.

I got a new battery for my Stella along with some sparkplugs.

I charged and installed the battery.

I installed my new feet for the kickstand.

I installed the new clutch cable barrel up at the headset.

I re-jetted and and put a new carb box seal on the bike

I fixed the left cowl's wiring so now the rear turn signal works.

I changed the fuse so now the battery works to provide power to the bike.

I put a pipe on the bike.

Wow does the bike ride different now, There's power where I didnt have it before. The bike is also louder and now you hear the engine doing things a lot more.

I also rode Seans P200E for the first time today, I was expecting it to feel like my bike but its a world different. His bike feels Firmer, Sturdier, Heavier. It doesnt rattle like mine does and the power band feels very different.

His brakes suck, He's got front and rear drum compared to my front disc rear drum. It's kinda scary stopping his bike in a hurry.

Also his shifts a lot different than mine, The clutch doesnt release until its nearly full open where mine starts close to the grip. His shifting action is very different too. His is a lot more Solid. The bike Clunks into gear more firmly and you know when you have hit a gear vs mine that gets stuck between gears frequently because you cant feel the different positions very well.

Well, That's all for now. Maybe I'll shoot a video of my bike tomorrow.

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