Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend was a busy one full of people and things.

Saturday morning I went to the junk yard and got the pieces needed to rebuild the door handle hardware on mom's Volvo 740.

Saturday Afternoon Sean came by and helped me change out the broken turn signals on the Volvo, It turned out to be a much more involved thing than expected.

Then we delivered the car to Mom and she's quite pleased to have a reliable comfortable vehicle.

Next was a Birthday dinner for my friend Tyler, It was nice to see him and his wife along with my old friend Jon and his Wife. It feels like its been years since I've seen Jon.

After the birthday dinner I showed off my Honda Fit for a little bit and then it was a drive out to Cheryl's house to watch Babylon 5 with the Tucson Scifi & Fantasy meetup group. I got there just in time to see War Without End parts 1 and 2. Ahh how everyone loves Zathras.

Today I woke early to return to the junkyard to get more door parts for mom's Volvo. I got the stuff to rebuild the two rear doors. Now all four doors have new hardware and work great. I also got the power windows to work altho the driver can not presently control any windows other than their own, I think its a switch problem.

After leaving my parents I went down to the GGR Garage and hung out with Chris for a bit tinkering on my Stella. The rear brake has been adjusted and the bike rides entirely different now with the brake adjustment + the new shock on the front and other work that we have done to it over the past two weeks.

That's about it for the weekend, Later I may go over to Sean's house and work with him on repairing Bald John's iMac.

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